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Summer 2017 Hours

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.


11160 Perry Highway
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Backpack InitiativePill BottlesSew Powerful Purse Project

The mission of the Olive Branch is to cultivate change and encourage meaningful living by: selling fair trade and products that support underserved and developing communities, engaging our community in activities that improve local and global lives, and gathering people for growing, connecting and learning.

Backpack Initiative

School lunches don't feed kids on the weekends, but we can. Children who have already been identified as needing nutrition during the week do no thave meals available on weekends, either. Drop off healthy items that a child could eat or fix, even without an adult, like mac & cheese, canned ravioli, applesauce, canned fruits and veggies, and granola bars. You can help to break a cycle of malnutrition in communities such as Northview Heights through Bethany House so kids can learn better seven days a week.

Pill Bottles for Malawi

Can you imagine going to the pharmacy and trying to carry your pills home in a folded paper, or even just your hands? Many communities in Africa face this on a daily basis. Instead of throwing them away, bring your empty medicine bottles to the Olive Branch. We will send them to Malawi to provide a safe way for the people there to transport and keep their medicine.

Sew Powerful Purse Project

The Sew Powerful Purse Project was started to teach women in a small region of Zambia sewing and tailoring skills so that they could support their families. Now the project has grown to reaching out to the world-wide sewing community asking for handmade purses to be used in partnership with a hygiene management program at a local school, the Needs Care School in Ngombe Compound. The purses and necessary hygiene items are given to girls in need so they will be able to stay in school during their monthly cycle and not fall behind. Previously the girls stayed home during their cycle causing them to miss approximately 2 months out of every school year. The purse program is providing needed income for the adult women who sew the hygiene supplies, and with their their education, the girls will do better in school and have more economic opportunities available to them. In two months, our Olive Branch seamstresses are proud to have completed over 40 purses and hope to make more as the program in Zambia expands to more schools in other areas. We invite all to visit us and learn how you might be able to support this worthy, empowering outreach. Join us at the Olive Branch on Thursdays from 1-3.